Friday, November 30, 2012

Curriculum Night 2012

On Tuesday 11/27 and Wednesday 11/28, we hosted Curriculum Night 2012.

Our core course teachers shared the instructional expectations of their subject area, STAAR dates and information AND the various modes of instruction used in their classrooms daily. Parents and students heard about the use of PERCEPTUAL MODES in learning and even saw some examples of STAAR test questions from last year's 8th grade ELA test.

Here are a few of the presentations teachers made:

7th Grade

8th Grade

Here are some examples of learning taking place this week in the classrooms at Worley:
        Mr. Parker's 8th grade social studies classes participated in a similation of the Constitutional Convention. Students played the part of the delegates and the classroom was even arranged like the Pennsylvania State House was in 1787!

In Miss Allen's 7th grade science classroom, students studied matter cycles this week. Here's a sample of one of their hands on activities:
Lastly, here's an example of a math student using her desk as a marker board to subtract integers.

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