Friday, November 30, 2012

Curriculum Night 2012

On Tuesday 11/27 and Wednesday 11/28, we hosted Curriculum Night 2012.

Our core course teachers shared the instructional expectations of their subject area, STAAR dates and information AND the various modes of instruction used in their classrooms daily. Parents and students heard about the use of PERCEPTUAL MODES in learning and even saw some examples of STAAR test questions from last year's 8th grade ELA test.

Here are a few of the presentations teachers made:

7th Grade

8th Grade

Here are some examples of learning taking place this week in the classrooms at Worley:
        Mr. Parker's 8th grade social studies classes participated in a similation of the Constitutional Convention. Students played the part of the delegates and the classroom was even arranged like the Pennsylvania State House was in 1787!

In Miss Allen's 7th grade science classroom, students studied matter cycles this week. Here's a sample of one of their hands on activities:
Lastly, here's an example of a math student using her desk as a marker board to subtract integers.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Top 10 Things to Ask Your Middle School Student During Thanksgiving Break 2012

Is it a struggle to get your middle school student to share information with you? Well, I've got just the thing for you! Here's my Top 10 List of Things To Ask Your Middle School Student during the Thanksgiving break.

Warning: You may want to ask these questions individually - one at a time, not in rapid fire succession. It has been proven that if we ask a middle school student too many questions back to back...they get confused and start saying "Uhh..I don't know."

Top 10 Things to Ask Your Middle School Student During Thanksgiving Break 2012

10. Can you recite the Worley Tiger Pledge for me?

9. Do you remember your locker number and combination?

8. What’s your favorite class? Why do you like that one?

7. Do you need lunch money added to your account in the cafeteria?

6. Did you want to purchase a yearbook? Do you know which teacher to talk to about ordering the yearbook? (Divona Phillips, Yearbook Sponsor)

5. What’s the name of the last book you checked out of the Worley Library? Did you know that you could go into the library each morning at 8:15 am to use the computers or work on homework? (Must see Mrs. Foulk the day before for a hall pass)

4. How were those Common Assessments last week? How do you feel you did? Were there any tough questions that stumped you?

3. Have you tried to log in to Skyward Student Access yet? Show me that you can.

2. Are there any assignments in your binder, in your backpack, under your bed, on the kitchen table, under your XBOX or in your locker that need to be turned in for a grade?

1. Where is your binder? Is it organized and ready to go for Monday?

Good luck with these questions! If your student starts to get confused by all your questions, step away from the student and offer them some food. After an hour, you should be able to ask them another question.

Enjoy the holiday break!