Thursday, September 6, 2012

Worley Implements The Ron Clark Experience

Last Spring, two Worley faculty members joined Dr. Butler on a trek to see the world famous Ron Clark Academy in Atlanta, Ga . as a part of an MISD district initiative. The team brought back several of Ron Clark's proven strategies to improve student performance and create smaller learning communities within our schools.

The 3 strategies that the team decided to implement for the 2012-13 school year were:
-1:1 Mentoring Program
-Research Based Instructional Strategies

The Houses concept was created by Mr. Clark based on the Harry Potter Hogwarts School. In the popular book series, the houses were small learning and living communities students were assigned to upon enrolling in the school. Students were sorted into one of four houses in a Sorting Hat Ceremony. The houses competed throughout the school year by earning points or losing points for various activities.

We are incorporating the same idea at Worley!

What are the names of the houses at Worley and what do the names mean?

Cenit (pronounced say-neet). Red. Deriving from the Spanish word for zenith, CENIT is comprised of an elite group of students dedicated to being nothing less than the best. You don't just talk the talk, but you walk the walk. Consider yourself the cream of the crop!
Wazi (pronounced wah-zee). Yellow. Derived from the Swahili term for vivid, you and the others that make up the yellow house strive to let your excellence shine brighter and more brilliant than all others. A future so bright, you gotta wear shades!
Epimelís (pronounced app-pee-mall-is). Blue. Derived from the Greek term for diligent, you are industrious and hardworking, and you do all things with style. While others are slacking off and procrastinating, the blue house members know how to put on their hard hats and get the job done. You make the difficult things look so easy!
Biànbié (pronounced bee-an-bey). Orange. Derived from the traditional Chinese term for discern, you think positive and make the right choices. Members of the  orange house are not just all business, but they also know how to have fun! You have mastered the balance of work and play!
Kwé (pronounced kway). Purple. Deriving from the Haitian Creole word for believe, you are accepting, strong-willed and genuine. The purple house is comprised of people that have a firm conviction of what is right and are always in search of the truth. You possess power and strength because of truth!
Sam'māna (pronounced sah-mah-nah).  GreenDerived from the Hindi term for respect, Sam'māna members are held in the highest regard by everyone in the community. They know that in order to receive respect, they have to show it. They are a very caring and endearing group.
How were Houses determined?
At Meet the Teacher Night and during the first few days of school, students selected their house from a random drawing.

Who is in each House?
Each house is made up of 7th and 8th grade students and teachers, as well as office staff and even our custodians:)

What activities will take place this year?
Students and teachers will meet in Houses periodically during the school year. We will host House celebrations, as well.

How can students earn points for their Houses?
There are several reasons why students would earn points for their house. Students will receive tickets from teachers beginning in late September. Tickets can be given for "good behavior", such as - but not exclusive to:
-Encouraging or helping another student
-Helping pick up items dropped in the hallway
-Picking up trash in the cafeteria
-Consistently attending tutorials
-Parent participation in school events

*Tickets will also be given out by office staff members, cafeteria workers and custodians.

How can students lose points for their Houses?
-Poor behavior (referrals, consistent tardies)

Thanks for supporting Worley on this adventure. We are excited to incorporate a smaller community for students to feel like they belong to something worthwhile. Here are some pictures of the ways teachers have incorporated one of the Ron Clark strategies - personalizing the learning environment:

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