Monday, September 24, 2012

Rachel's Challenge Comes to Worley Middle School on October 11th

Worley Tigers are excited to bring Rachel's Challenge to Mansfield!

The Rachel's Challenge organization is a non profit, non political, non religious organization based in Littleton, Colorado. The objective of this program is to equip students and adults with strategies to combat bullying and feelings of isolation or despair.

Seventeen year old Rachel Scott was the first student killed at Columbine High School in 1999. Rachel left behind a legacy of positivity and caring for others through her writings and drawings. Rachel's story has been shared with the world through the Rachel's Challenge organization. Her hope was to start a "chain reaction" of kindness and compassion. (

Our number one reason for inviting Rachel's Challenge to Worley is to change the culture of bullying, teasing and harassment in today's society by empowering our students with the social and emotional tools they need to exist in an ever changing global society. According to the Rachel's Challenge website, the assembly conveys the power of deliberately reaching out in word and action to others. It also encourages listeners to examine their own lives, their relationships with the world around them and the impact their behavior has on others by taking on 5 challenges.

We believe that it is vitality important for our families and our community to hear the Rachel's Challenge message, understand what IS and IS NOT BULLYING and join our student body in taking on the 5 challenges.

Our students have raised the funds to bring Rachel's Challenge to our school through a Fund Run. Thanks to our coaches and students, we have raised enough to pay for the program and the prizes for the run.

Rachel's Challenge will be presented at Worley on Thursday, October 11th for our students at 9:00 am that morning and 7:00 pm for parents and the local community. The one hour evening community event will be held at the MISD Center for the Performing Arts in the Professional Development Room.

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