Friday, February 22, 2013

STAAR Test Taking Strategies
Rogene Worley Middle School

1.  Take care of yourself
-eat breakfast
-get plenty of rest starting a few days before the test

2.  Read & Re Read the Question
-read the question two times for understanding
-understand what the question is asking before selecting an answer & mark through the information that you don’t need to answer the question
-draw a picture for math or science questions
-pay attention to the “NOT” or “EXCEPT”

3.  Prove/Justify Your answers
-mark out the wrong answers
-justify the right answer

4.  There is only one right answer!
-use your reasoning skills to eliminate the wrong answers
-check your answers when you are done

5.  Your teachers have prepared you for this test. Take a deep breath and do what you do best…succeed! Go get ‘em!

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