Monday, March 26, 2012

STAAR Testing 2012...The time is now!

On Tuesday (3/27) and Wednesday (3/28), Worley Middle School students will take the newest State of Texas standardized test - the STAAR.

7th grade students will take Day 1 of the Writing Exam and 8th graders will take the math exam on Tuesday.

7th grade students will take Day 2 of the Writing Exam and 8th graders will take the reading exam on Wednesday.

On testing day:
1. All students will report to their advisory class at 8:45 am.
2. Students will either bring a sack lunch or purchase lunch from the school. No lunch deliveries will be made from outside lunch sources.
3. The building is closed to visitors on both testing days.
4. We will operate on a modified daily schedule after testing on Tuesday and Wednesday. Students will attend periods 1-4 on Tuesday and 5-8 on Wednesday.

In order for students to give 100% effort on this week's tests, they must:
-Eat a healthy, balanced breakfast each morning and dinner each night
-Get at least 8 hours of sleep
-Stay focused and confident
-Be reminded to read each question carefully. Don't anticipate what you think the questions are asking. Read the questions completely. STAAR questions - unlike TAKS questions- usually involve more than one step.

Happy Testing! Remember, Worley students are the BEST and the BRIGHTEST!

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