Tuesday, February 14, 2012

2012-13 Registration...Is it time already??

Hello Worley Tigers!

It is time to start thinking about next year's course selections. What can my student take? What should my student take?

Please take a few minutes to review the MISD Middle School Course Guide to familiarize yourself with our course offerings. One major change for the 2012-13 7th grade class is that we will no longer be offering the Language Explorations course as an elective.

When selecting classes for your student, please keep in mind the following thoughts:

-Pre-AP courses are rigorous and intense.

These courses generally require more time for homework and operate at a much faster pace than the regular 7th or 8th grade on level course. We suggest that students only enroll in 2 Pre-AP courses during their 7th grade year.

Why? 7th grade is a huge transition for students from the elementary instructional model to the secondary instructional model. Additionally, students are introduced to new activities that demand a lot of their time such as Athletics, Band and Choir. Students learn right away how to juggle their academic learning time during the school day with after school extracurricular activities. Getting homework done and attempting to have a family or social life can be a little overwhelming.

-Our kids are students first. Extracurricular activities are secondary to every student's academic progress.

-Our school's master schedule is built on student course requests. Teachers are assigned a daily schedule based upon the requests of all 930 of our students. There will be a deadline for any schedule changes to be made. Please make sure you select courses for your student that they are truly interested in taking. Also, don't forget to provide the counselors with alternative choices for electives. It helps make their year - and your year - go smoother.

-As an 8th grader, your student has the opportunity to earn high school credit. 8th graders can take Health, Speech, Algebra I, Spanish I or Gateway to Technology. What an incredible opportunity our students have to get a jump start on their high school career.

Overall, we hope that this proves to be an exciting time for your student. Learning how to be a lifelong learner is an important skill to master in today's global society. Selecting the appropriate classes for your learner is an integral step in becoming a successful secondary student.

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